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Presentation: "Shootout between Stubs/Mocks and Service Virtualization"

Track: Solution Track / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Margrethe

The promises of Continuous Delivery are evident and flattering. Don’t we all want to be more reliable, faster and more agile.
The principles of Continuous Delivery are easy to understand: Improve continuously, automate everything and build in quality.
So what is the big deal? Go and do it!
Well, the reality is different, because constraints remain a fundamental challenge to timely and high quality software development and delivery. Often the answer - to reduce dependencies on components of the application environment - would be mocking and/or stubbing of application code, but can we take it even further?
Actually Reality is overrated. So let us avoid Reality altogether. Let’s virtualize!
See how Service Virtualization can complement – or even outgun – popular tools like EasyMock, Mockito etc. – and furthermore stay valuable throughout the entire CI process including Performance, QA, Integration as well as Development. Visit this session and learn more about Service Virtualization.

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Roland Møller, Principal Consultant, EMEA CA Technologies

Roland Møller

Biography: Roland Møller

Roland has more than 15 years of experience in coding, building and testing software in many different business domains and in more than 10 different countries. Today he represents CA Technologies as a Principal Consultant, with a footprint in every corner of the Continuous Delivery pitch and a special focus on Service Virtualization and Deployment / Release Automation.
Prior to CA Technologies, Roland held a variety of positions from developer, build manager, software configuration manager and solutions architect with the common characteristic always to improve and innovate from today to tomorrow.