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Do you have what it takes to fight and win the competition of the future? - Then sign up and enter the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robotic competition at GOTO Copenhagen 2015 and win fabulous prizes on top of the fame and glory!

How to enter the game?

  1. Form a team of 2-5 members (NB: Only conference attendees can join the competition)
  2. Build your own intelligent, autonomous robot before the conference (use your own LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robotic Toolkit or borrow one for free when registering to the competition)
  3. Pitch it against the robots from other teams at the GOTO Conference Dinner, Monday October 5, 19:30-22:30
  4. There will be prizes for the winning team
  5. Register your team here

It only takes 5 minutes to build a robot!

If you need some inspiration then have a look at the link below. Some of the robots only take 5 minutes to build - and then you can enter the game.

The Game

The game will be quite simple and focus on "sumo" skills - pushing the rival back! But also expect to handle precision; control the direction. The game will be executed in a set time frame. You will get time to adjust your robot before and in between the battles. There will be extra LEGO® pieces available during the competition. There is not internet available. 

The specs for your robot

  1. Your team must have a team name
  2. Your robot (connected in all parts) must be maximum 30x30 cm and have a maximum weight of 1 kg
  3. Electric parts used for the robot must be included in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® kit
  4. No mobile phones!
  5. Other extensions, accessories, gadgets and general niceness are allowed – also open source software
  6. Feel free to contact our game master Morten Bech if you have any questions regarding the rules


The Rules

  1. The two sumo robots are placed as shown in the picture below with the front pointing away from each other.
  2. On the judge signal the sumo robot’s program is started. The robot have to wait 3 seconds before it starts being active.
  3. A match lasts at most 2 minutes.
  4. A sumo robot wins, if the other sumo robot is knocked over or pushed outside the ring. A sumo robot is outside the ring, if it touches the surface that supports the ring. If a sumo robot drives outside the ring by itself the sumo robot has lost.
  5. If none of the sumo robots have left the ring or has been knocked over within the 2 minutes the match ends with a tie. If both sumo robots leaves the ring at the same time the match also ends with a tie.
  6. The winner of a match receives 2 points, while both teams receives 1 point if the match ends in a tie, and the loser of a match receives 0 points.
  7. A sumo tournament can be run with groups, sessions, semifinals, multiple rounds per match, etc, depending on the number of teams participating.