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Presentation: "Adaptive UI"

Track: iOS and Swift / Time: Monday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Marselisborg

In the early days of developing for iOS (or iPhone OS as it was called), designing the UI was relatively simple. You had just one screen size to deal with, and it was possible to create a pixel-perfect design. Fast-forward to now, there are many more screen sizes - making the original approach completely unscalable. Apple has introduced a few different techniques to deal with, primarily the concept of Adaptive Layout.

In this talk we'll dive into what Adaptive Layout is, before running through some live examples. We'll cover the concepts, and some tips for using Interface Builder. We'll also discuss some "best practices" to dealing with multiple screen sizes, taking inspiration from the web, Android and iOS.

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Sam Davies, Razeware

Sam Davies

Biography: Sam Davies

Sam is a strange mashup of developer, author and trainer. By day you'll find him recording videos for, writing tutorials, attending conferences and generally being a good guy. By night he's likely to be out entertaining people, armed with his trombone and killer dance moves.
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