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Presentation: "Blockchain"

Track: Security, safety and privacy / Time: Tuesday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Marselisborg

Blockchain is the popular name of the data structure used the Bitcoin network. It is an append-only transaction log with cryptographically secure consistency checks. The term blockchain is also often used to refer to the unique algorithm, the Nakamoto-Consensus, that Bitcoin uses to achieve convergence of distributed copies of the ledger to the same global state. Both the distributed ledger substantiated by the cryptographically secure transaction log and the consensus building algorithm is remarkable and forward-looking for the design of systems, that feature a wholly new level of consistency, audit-ability of their data and trust-minimized execution of their algorithms.

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Tamas Blummer, Chief Ledger Architect at Digital Asset Holdings

Tamas Blummer

Biography: Tamas Blummer

Tamas Blummer, Chief Ledger Architect at Digital Asset Holdings is an engineer and financial risk manager. Tamas has  28 years of software development experience for financial institutions including Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. He founded Bits of Proof and launched the first enterprise ready implementation of the blockchain technology in 2013. Bits of Proof built the first real-time audit-able exchange for institutional investor, the backend of the first hardware wallet for Bitcoin and run one of the biggest bitcoin mine. Bits of Proof was acquired in 2015 by Digital Asset Holdings that enhances transparency and settlement speed for financial contracts with distributed ledgers built on blockchain technology.