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Presentation: "Building cross-platform native UIs with Xamarin.Forms"

Track: Windows 10 ecosystem / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Rosenborg

Building cross-platform native UIs with one shared codebase was once just a dream. With Xamarin.Forms and Azure, this dream is now a reality. Xamarin.Forms allows you to build a native UI for three platforms with one shared C# codebase. Azure app services connect it all together. Simply put, if you know C# then you already know how to build iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Leverage the .NET Framework to build out your shared business logic including integration with Azure app services and then build out your shared UI in C# or XAML. Xamarin.Forms also features a built-in two-way data binding, dependency service to help you implement platform-specific code, an advanced cross-platform animation system, support for custom controls, and lots of other powerful features to help you build the best apps possible in the least amount of time. During this session we will cover using the Xamarin platform and the Xamarin.Forms library to share even more code across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This talk we will focus on the code with several live coding examples throughout the entire session. When you leave you will have the knowledge to create your first iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps in C# and XAML with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms
  1. Understand the basic principles of native development for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.
  2. Get started building cross-platform native apps and sharing C# code across iOS, Android and Windows using Xamarin tools.
  3. Properly structure a cross-platform solution for maximum code reuse while still having access to the native features of each platform.

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Mike James, Xamarin Evangelist

Mike James

Biography: Mike James

The most recent addition to the Developer Evangelism team at Xamarin, Mike previously worked within the support department. Before joining Xamarin he worked within the entertainment control industry developing control systems for installations such as the London Eye. His passion grew for mobile when he was tasked with developing mobile apps for site engineers to control the lighting on these installations.

Currently Mike is responsible for engaging with the community in Europe and takes great pleasure in having the opportunity to meet customers face to face and present new technologies to them. Mike lives in the UK and enjoys music production, running and his Xbox One.