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Presentation: "Challenges in Implementing MicroServices"

Track: Microservices / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Amalienborg

MicroService Architectures has debuted on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar as the first technology they address, and with strong recommendations to immediately experiment. In this talk, we discuss the challenges we have faced at three different companies in implementing MicroServices (successfully!), and the different ways we addressed the challenges.

SOA, serviceoriented architectures, burst on the scene in the new millennium as the latest technology to support application growth. In concert with the Web, SOA ushered in new paradigms for structuring enterprise applications. At the Forward Internet Group in London, SOA was implemented in an unusual way. Rather than a few, businessrelated services being implemented per the original vision, we developed systems made of myriads of very small, usually shortlived services. We moved on to another company, MailOnline, the online version of the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, and once again developing microservices. Finally in a Silicon Valley startup, Outpace, the microservices were again exploited.

In this talk, we will:

  • Define microservices in a manner that tends to be smaller than most
  • Introduce an asynchronous architecture wellsuited for microservices, and more importantly, for dynamic business environments (including an animation of the process in action)
  • Summarize the experiences at three different companies in three different businesses (Webbased sales, online newspaper, and optimization engines for Fortune 100 companies)
  • Suggest corequisite technologies and process that enable/facilitate microservices
  • Discuss 5 different challenges that face implementers that we have identified so far

This is a technical architecture discussion with detailed examples of actual implementation. Attendees with such backgrounds will benefit most. Project leaders, developers, and project managers, nevertheless, will walk away with new ideas as well as understanding the linkage between process and architecture.

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Fred George, Early Adopter of OO & Agile, Advocating MicroServices & Programmer Anarchy

Fred George

Biography: Fred George

Fred George is an industry consultant, and has been writing code for over 46 years in (by his count) over 70 languages. He has delivered projects and products across his career, and in the last decade alone, has worked in the US, India, China, and the UK.
He started ThoughtWorks University in Bangalore, India, based on a commercial programming training program he developed in the 90's. An early adopter of OO and Agile, Fred continues to impact the industry with his leading­?edge ideas, most recently advocating MicroS?ervice Architectures and flat team structures (under the moniker of Programmer Anarchy).
Oh, and he still writes code!

Twitter: @fgeorge52