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Presentation: "Containers & Clouds - A perfect match"

Track: Microsoft Azure a.k.a. the Cloud / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Rosenborg

Next generation of virtualization is on its way and we have only begun to see the potential of containers in IT. Join us for this technical session about running both Linux and Windows Containers with Docker on Microsoft Azure, where we will give you insight to how the technologies works and comes together.

This demo-heavy session will feature insights to both Linux Containers and the upcoming Microsoft Containers and give you insights to what usage scenarios containers are great for, why Cloud Computing and Containers comes well together as well as share a bit of what Microsoft is bringing in the future.

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Rasmus Hald, Principal Technical Evangelist Microsoft

Rasmus Hald

Biography: Rasmus Hald

As an Microsoft Technical Evangelist covering disciplines like DevOps, Infrastructure Modernization and Cloudification, Rasmus is part of a team of ninjas that travels this great planet to spread the word about awesome technology by Microsoft.

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