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Presentation: "Continuous Delivery Warstories"

Track: Fast and Continous Delivery / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Grandball

A poor development process can actually make you sick. Let’s improve!

In this session you will learn how we at Debitoor we have gone from 14 day sprints to Continuous Deployment. We deploy to production ten times a day or more.

Learn why you would want to do Continuous Delivery, what are some of the benefits?

I will share the story about the transformation of our development process. How we have focused on not just delivering higher quality, but also doing it faster.

You will hear about our git branching strategy, with only one long lived branch and feature branches. Feature branches are not evil, they are great, if you use them like we do.

We’ve radically changed the roles of developers and in the process also shut down both the QA and Operations departments.

Finally I will be sharing our actual measured improvements made from moving to Continuous Delivery, I personally think the results are quite impressive. At least much better than we had dared to hope for.

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Allan Ebdrup, Process & Technology-Lead at Debitoor

Allan Ebdrup

Biography: Allan Ebdrup

Allan Ebdrup studied Computer Science at universities in Århus and København. He has worked 16 years in IT as self-employed, developer, IT-architect, enterprise-architect, tech & team-lead. Three years ago Allan took the leap form working with technologies from the evil empires of Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to working exclusively with Open Source technologies like Node.js, NoSql and MongoDB. The talk is about how to do Continuous Delivery and deploy to production 10 times a day or more. The techniques in the talk can be used no matter if you are on an Open Source technology stack or not.

Twitter: @allanebdrup