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Presentation: "Continuous Delivery for Native Apps"

Track: Fast and Continous Delivery / Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Grandball

Continuous delivery is just as important for native mobile apps, as it is for every other software project, but it is not yet so widespread among native app projects.Based on real world projects, this presentation will convince you that it’s not so different from doing it for eg. web applications. The basics in terms of branching strategy, CI setup for building and testing, as well as distributing test-builds will be covered, but the main focus will be on how to ensure the quality with automated tests.  Besides a short introduction to Cucumber/Calabash, the tools used for the automated UI-tests, we’ll take a deeper dive into areas like  - How to structure your test code for good re-use and maintainability  - Do's and Don'ts to make sure your tests run both fast and stable  - CI details to ensure great reporting  - How to run the tests on real devices in a Test Cloud

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Niels Frydenholm, Senior iOS Developer at eBay Classifieds

Niels Frydenholm

Biography: Niels Frydenholm

Niels is with eBay Classifieds in Denmark, where he, together with his team, has taken the development of two very popular danish apps to the next level in terms of quality, user experience and a rapid release cycle full of new features. He has a background developing financial JEE systems, before entering mobile development, delivering one of the first mobile banks in Denmark for both Android and iOS. He is a keen believer that clean code, refactoring, automated tests, CI and all the other great practices really are necessary to move fast forward and deliver business value - and it's no excuse that it might be harder to do in mobile development.
Twitter: @nfrydenholm