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Presentation: "Deep Dive into Git"

Track: Fast and Continous Delivery / Time: Monday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Grandball

Git is an incredibly popular version control system, used for small projects and large, for open source and in the enterprise.  But how does it actually work?  Git is very different from a traditional centralized version control system and understanding how it models history allows you to harness its power.  In this session you will learn about the internals of Git and how it actually works, making it both fast and flexible.  We will learn the fundamentals of a repository and how to successfully collaborate with other developers using Git.

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Edward Thomson, Software Development Engineer @ Microsoft

Edward Thomson

Biography: Edward Thomson

Edward Thomson is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, where he develops Git integration for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. Edward is a core contributor to the libgit2 and LibGit2Sharp projects, which are the open-source Git libraries used by Microsoft tools (and many others). Edward is a contributing author to "Professional Team Foundation Server 2013," available from Wrox Publishing.

Twitter: @ethomson