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Presentation: "From Functional to Reactive - Patterns in Domain Modeling"

Track: Reactive Architectures / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Amalienborg

A domain model built on the principles of functional programming already has the goodness of immutability, compositionality and modularity. In this talk we demonstrate how to make functional domain models reactive, i.e. how to make them more responsive, elastic, resilient and scalable. We start with a sample use case implemented using FP in Scala and use the power of the type system to make the functions reactive without compromising on compositionality. We show several patterns of being reactive while designing domain models and discuss their pros and cons. Finally we talk about the streams model that help implement reactive domain behaviors using typed composable APIs, principled failure management and resilient distribution across clusters.

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Debasish Ghosh, Software Consultant, Brick Alloy

Debasish Ghosh

Biography: Debasish Ghosh

Programmer, father, husband, avid reader, author, occasional speaker at technology conferences and Seinfeld fanboy. Senior member of ACM and loves spending time with his beautiful family. Passionate about technology and open source, loves functional programming, and has been trying to learn math and machine learning. Authored 2 books - (a) DSLs In Action published by Manning in December 2010 and (b) Functional & Reactive Domain Modeling (upcoming fall 2015 from Manning). Blogs at Ruminations of a Programmer

Twitter: @debasishg