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Presentation: "Gradle"

Track: Android / Time: Tuesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Christiansborg

Over the past months, various performance improvements have been made in Gradle core that highly benefit Android developers. And more radical improvements are coming soon. On the forefront are the modeling of variants and a revolutionary new configuration model. This will further enhance the experience of developing Android applications with Android Studio way beyond better performance. In this presentation, we will take a closer look at those Gradle improvements and how they manifest in the context of Android and Android Studio.

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Etienne Studer, VP of Product Tooling, Gradle Inc.

Etienne Studer

Biography: Etienne Studer

Etienne works at Gradle Inc. as VP of Product Tooling. He has been working as a developer, architect, project manager, and CTO over the past 15 years. Etienne has spent most of his time building software products from the ground up and successfully shipping them to happy customers. He had the privilege to work in different domains like linguistics, banking, insurance, logistics, and process management. Etienne used to share his passion for high-productivity tools as an evangelist for JetBrains. He was also a founding member of the JetBrains Development Academy and of Hackergarten. In his little spare time, Etienne maintains several popular Gradle plugins.
Twitter: @etiennestuder