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Workshop: "Intro to Apache Spark"

Track: Workshop / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Margrethe

This one day session features a mix of hands-on technical exercises, brief lectures, demos, and case studies – structured to get developers up to speed leveraging Apache Spark for a range of use cases. 



  • Overview of Big Data and Spark
  • Installing Spark Locally
  • Using Spark’s Core APIs in Scala, Java, & Python
  • Building Spark Applications
  • Deploying on a Big Data Cluster
  • Combining SQL, Machine Learning, and Streaming for Unified Pipelines


Target Audience:

This class is intended for developers who have some background developing apps in Java, Python, or Scala, but are not already familiar with Spark.

Artem Aliev, Software Engineer at DataStax

Artem Aliev

Biography: Artem Aliev

Artem Aliev is a software developer in the DataStax Enterprise Analytics team. He works on integrating Apache Cassandra noSQL database with analytics solution like Spark and Hive. efore that he works as Big Data Solution Architect, Developer of Apache Harmony J2SE implementation and as a lead of performance optimisation team for  enterprise storage software at EMC corporation. o he can talk about the big data processing pipeline: from data on disks to machine learning and visualisation.

Twitter: @__ali