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Presentation: "Time to Retire That Dusty Build Server - A Dive into the New Cross Platform Build Service in Visual Studio Online"

Track: The New Microsoft / Time: Monday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Rosenborg

Visual Studio Online (VSO) is a range of services for use in development projects. A core service in VSO is the build service, providing hosted servers for continuous integration and deployment. Similar to many other recent Microsoft products going cross platform, the build service was recently completely redone, opening a new world of opportunities such as iOS automated builds. If something doesn't fit your requirements, it is now possible to add your own build tasks.
This (almost) demo only session will give you a tour into the new build service. You will see how it works with the Microsoft stack, enabling continuous integration of ASP.NET solutions and automated deployment to Azure without having to think of managing your own build servers, as well as how it can be used with other platforms such as iOS, Node and Docker.

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Jeppe Andersen, Software Engineer at Momondo

Jeppe Andersen

Biography: Jeppe Andersen

Jeppe is a professional software developer from Copenhagen with interest in software architecture and cloud computing. I studied Software Engineering at Aalborg University and I have worked as a developer on many different types of software, from ERP systems to iOS applications. Until recently I was a software consultant at Microsoft, building solutions for customers and doing advisory on Azure services for developers.

I now work as a developer at Momondo on the flight search product, with the goal of making the world a slightly smaller place.
Twitter: @nocture