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Presentation: "TypeScript - a look at SPA's with Angular 2"

Track: The New Microsoft / Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Rosenborg

TypeScript ♥ - a look at SPA's with Angular 2
A lot has happened and is happening in web-development over the last years. TypeScript and Angular 2 are on the rise, and giving us new ways of building webapplications. TypeScript enabeles us to build more robust and maintainable webapplications at large scale, by utilizing some of the knowledge we have from statically typed languages, without sacrificing the flexibility of JavaScript. It has been growing steadily, and has gained the acceptance of google and facebook, who are using it to build their latest and greatest libraries and frameworks. Angular 2 is on the horizon, so it is also time to take a look and make up our minds, about what it brings to the table.
In this talk we will take a look at TypeScript, and also get an introduction to some of the tools that build on it, like facebooks ImmutableJS and Angular 2, which is the newest kid on the block that we will look at. It is time to come on board with TypeScript, and start thinking about how you want to build the web-applications of tomorrow.

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Christian Holm Diget, Independent Consultant

Christian Holm Diget

Biography: Christian Holm Diget

Christian Holm Diget is a freelance software developer and architect, working with full stack ASP.NET web applications - everything from payrolls and asset management to e-commerce. Passionate about web, upcomming technologies, simplicity and expressiveness.

Twitter: @dotnetnerd