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Presentation: "ASP.NET5 + Docker + Azure"

Track: Microsoft Azure a.k.a. the Cloud / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Rosenborg

It's a whole new world: support for Linux in Azure, cross-platform support for the next version of This session with take a good measure of ASP.NET 5 and a dollop of Docker and mix it all together with a helping of Azure. Come along to see this in action…

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Stuart Leeks, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Stuart Leeks

Biography: Stuart Leeks

By day, Stuart Leeks is a Technical Evangelist working for Microsoft in the UK. He has worked with a wide range of customers from small ISVs to large enterprises to help them be successful building on the Microsoft technology stack. Whilst Stuart has experience of a diverse set of technologies, he is most passionate about the web and cloud.
Stuart is a web geek, cloud nut, performance & scalability enthusiast, father of three, husband, salsa dancer & teacher, and loves bad puns. He has been writing code since the days of the BBC Micro and still gets a kick out of it.

Twitter: @stuartleeks