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Christof Oberholzer, CTO at Bison

Christof Oberholzer

Biography: Christof Oberholzer

Christof is CTO at Bison, a Swiss company known for its Business Software for Agrarian, Wholesale and Retail, Food and Beverage, as well as Manufacturing a Business Software Development Framework called Bison Technology.

He looks back at over 30 years of IT experience, having worked before for companies such as Landis & Gyr, Rockwell Automation and Scala Business Solution.

Presentation: Rapid Business Solutions Development based on Bison Technology Platform

Track: Cool Companies II / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Annum 1

Bison Technology is the high sophisticated Business Software Development Platform. Forward and Reverse Engineering is efficiently supported to develop new applications and migrate current applications. This session explains the business approach for application development and teh advantages developing Business Applications with Bison Technology.