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Rainer Schuppe, Technologist at AppDynamics

Rainer Schuppe

Biography: Rainer Schuppe

Rainer Schuppe, Technologist at AppDynamics, is a technical expert for our customers and partners in Central and Eastern Europe. He has mastered the art of selection and implementation of APM (Application Performance Management) systems for distributed Java applications in production, training and acute performance analysis. Rainer has over 14 years of experience conquering Java application servers, with experience with Wily Technology, dynaTrace and codecentric AG.

Twitter: @AppDynamics

Presentation: Agile in Cool companies

Track: Cool Companies II / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Annum 1

This slot consists of two great talks!

5 Pain Points of Agile Development

With agile development now practically the status quo, there's been a growing recognition that good SCM is key to solving some of the problems that fast-iterating, collaborative teams face when it comes to automation and geography.
Although the Agile Manifesto of 2001 emphasizes the importance of "individuals and interactions over processes and tools", in the last decade the most successful agile teams have reported that one tool in particular was critical to their success: SCM
This presentation will look at 3 key trends and 5 pain points of Agile Software Development.

by Ralf Gronkowski

2 Fast 2 Furious

Declaring yourself "Agile" no longer means you're automatically cool or competitive. It might have in the olden days, when teams would be considered agile if they did 5 releases a year--but the word today has assumed a completely different meaning. Now, many organizations will happily admit to doing multiple releases a day. The problem is this: the majority of self-styled agile teams focus on speed, innovation and change, but very few focus on results. This session takes a look at what happens when organizations become too agile, and how this addiction can become terminal for the business. We'll cover real-life examples outlining the challenges and pain points of organizations striving to be agile. It will also offer top tips for dev teams to do agile the "right" way, helping them better manage change and understand the real impact that frequent releases have upon their business.

by Rainer Schuppe

Presentation: From Agility to Stability

Track: Cool Companies II / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Annum 1

How to close the software development loop from Dev to Prod

At the first glance agile development and stability in production under heavy load seem to be contradictive. Especially operations sees agile as chaotic and uncontrollable at best therefore continuous development or delivery stops at the gates of production.
Business demands new services developed round the clock and operations demands stable and controllable applications. How can we get those opposites to attract?
Devops is a buzzword which combines the two at least in theory but what is needed to really make it happen.
This session will give an overview over the challenges and a possible solution combining methodology and the right APM (Application Performance Management) tools. Both things you will need for modern, highly distributed application which are developed in an agile way.