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Peter Stampfli, Head of IT-Architecture & Innovation at Swiss Life

Peter Stampfli

Biography: Peter Stampfli

Peter is Head of IT-Architecture and Innovation at Swiss Life - Individual Life. He is currently engaged in the business program "Caramba", transforming Swiss Life into a comprehensive financial solution provider with an enhanced customer centricity. As the initiator and advocate of agile development Peter is responsible for the main IT stream within Caramba with the projects CRM, mobility, end-customer portals and unified communication and collaboration. He believes that even in a very mature business such as life insurance it is possible to successfully combine the agile methodologies with the very mature processes of a life insurance factory.

Prior to that, Peter was business unit manager with Capgemini sd&m and responsible for consulting and delivery of Architecture Services. Peter holds a master degree from ETH Zürich and has broad experience in the field of software engineering and enterprise architecture, collected in various industries in Switzerland and overseas.

Peter enjoys his family-life – his two boys keep him rather busy.

Presentation: Innovation, while maintaining process excellence - is that possible?

Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Pendulum

A snapshot and real life experience report of a still ongoing agile transformation within Swiss Life

Caramba – that's the Swiss Life business transformation program to transform Swiss Life from a mono-liner (pure life insurer) to a comprehensive financial solution provider with increased customer centricity. This requires an evolution in two dimensions:

  • Implement business- and IT-innovation: new access- and distribution-channels in a multi-factory approach
  • Develop emotional intelligence in customer relation for an enhanced customer orientation

This is a real life experience report showing how we use an agile approach to deliver innovation while maintaining stability in the core (business and IT) in the different stages from kick-start to large scale program. Moreover we can provide you with ideas and strategies on how to address and manage the conflicting objectives: How to maintain technological and entrepreneurial freedom versus the structured approach of the mature core business, and manage conflicting expectations, skills and cultures.

This is a case study of a still ongoing journey of an agile transformation as a main driver for Caramba.