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Alex Bepple, Developer and consultant with it-agile

Alex Bepple

Biography: Alex Bepple

Alex is a developer and consultant with Hamburg-based it-agile. Through a lucky coincidence, he hopped onto the agile train even before it got the name, in early 2001. Ever since, he has been developing software using agile practices and helping other companies do the same.

Alex loves test-driving software and cleaning up messes. By teaching Certified Scrum Developer classes, he hopes to rid the world of evil in general and, more specifically, to enable more software developers to support fast product feedback loops.

Workshop: Scrum Developer

Track: Agile Training / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 6

The Certified Scrum Developer program is all about making sure that developers have the necessary skills to support rapid-feedback cycle product development.

This tutorial is a condensed version of our three-day Agile Developer Skills course. Participants can expect a focus on hard skills (test-driven development, refactoring and SOLID principles), essential attitudes (clean code, simplicity), and complementary practices (coding katas, dojos, pair programming).