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Kim Dalsgaard, Independent Consultant

Kim Dalsgaard

Biography: Kim Dalsgaard

Kim Dalsgaard is a freelance software developer mainly working with HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby and NOSQL. He is a Master of Business Administration, but converted 15 years ago to the exciting world of IT.

Kim is a passionate speaker, and co-founder of Aarhus Ruby Brigade.

Presentation: Support Offline Mobile Web Apps with HTML5 API's

Track: HTML5 Rocks / Time: Wednesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

In order to enable users to continue interacting with mobile web applications even when their network connection is unavailable the HTML5 specification contains a collection of API's that helps an app function offline. These API's addresses both the problem of storing the actuale application, and the problem of storing the data the application is working on.

In this talk Kim Dalsgaard will walk through the AppCache, Web Storage, Web SQL, and IndexedDB specifications, and show how these in combination can make a mobile web application function offline.