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Presentation: "CocoaPods, the Obj-c Dependency Manager We've Been Waiting For."

Track: Modern iOS / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Auditorium, AROS

Objective-C as a language has been around since the 80s but there's never been a way to share dependencies in the language till the end of 2011. CocoaPods takes inspiration from modern package managers like homebrew and rubygems to create a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of anyone making Mac / iOS apps.

Orta will take you on guided tour going through what CocoaPods is, how it came to be, what our plans are in the future and how CocoaPods will save you time and how you can help save others time.

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Orta Therox, lead iOS developer at Artsy

Orta Therox

Biography: Orta Therox

Orta Therox is the lead iOS developer at Artsy, building beautiful portfolio apps for some of the biggest Art galleries in the world. Encouraged by Artsy's awesome commitment to open source he regularly devotes time to working on and around the CocoaPods ecosystem. Building tools like CocoaDocs, maintaining the Specs repository and pruning the documentation for the project. If the CocoaPods team had fancy titles, you'd probably call him a community manager.

twitter: @orta