GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

Speakers at GOTO Aarhus 2013

 Aaron  Bedra
Aaron Bedra,
Application Security Lead, Braintree and Co-Author of Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition
 Adrian  Kosmaczewski
Adrian Kosmaczewski,
Mobile App Developer, Teacher and Book Author
 Aino Vonge Corry
Aino Vonge Corry,
Retrospectives Facilitator, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Alex  Reelsen
Alex Reelsen,
Software Engineer at Elasticsearch
 Andy  Piper
Andy Piper,
Developer Advocate at Pivotal Inc
 Anna  Powell-Smith
Anna Powell-Smith,
Freelance full-stack web developer
 Ari  Talja
Ari Talja,
 Aslam  Khan
Aslam Khan,
African software developer by birth, by choice, for life
 Beat  Schwegler
Beat Schwegler,
Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground
 Ben  Christensen
Ben Christensen,
Software Engineer at Netflix
 Ben  Rockwood
Ben Rockwood,
Directory of Cloud Operations, Joyent
 Bent  Thomsen
Bent Thomsen,
Associate professor dept. of computer science at Aalborg University
 Bodil  Stokke
Bodil Stokke,
Creator of the Catnip IDE
 Brent  Beer
Brent Beer,
 Brian  Chess
Brian Chess,
 Brian  Goetz
Brian Goetz,
Java Language Architect at Oracle
 Carsten B. Larsen
Carsten B. Larsen,
Senior programmer at Unity Studios
 Chad  Fowler
Chad Fowler,
CTO, 6Wunderkinder
 Christian  Berg
Christian Berg,
 Cristina  Videira Lopes
Cristina Videira Lopes,
Member of the Ivory Tower and Undercover Developer
 Dan  North
Dan North,
Agile troublemaker, developer, originator of BDD
 Dave  Thomas
Dave Thomas,
Father of OTI, CEO of Bedarra Corp. Member of Program Advisory Board
 David  Catuhe
David Catuhe,
Author of Babylon.js
 David  Nolen
David Nolen,
NYTimes Software Engineer
 David  Rousset
David Rousset,
Creator of BabylonJS
 Dean  Wampler
Dean Wampler,
Big Dataist, O'Reilly Author
 Dio  Synodinos
Dio Synodinos,
Research Platform Team Lead at C4Media
 Douglas  Crockford
Douglas Crockford,
JSON Creator & Yahoo! JS Architect
 Drew  McCormack
Drew McCormack,
Judge, jury, and executioner at The Mental Faculty B.V
 Enrico  Campidoglio
 Eran  Messeri
Eran Messeri,
Software Engineer at Google
 Eric  Bowman
Eric Bowman,
Gilt Groupe
 Eric D. Schabell
Eric D. Schabell,
JBoss technology evangelist at Red Hat
 Erik  Doernenburg
Erik Doernenburg,
Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Erik  Stenman
Erik Stenman,
Chief Erlang Wizard at Klarna
 Eva  Andreasson
Eva Andreasson,
 Faruk  Ates
Faruk Ates,
Founder of four53
 Frank  Buschmann
Frank Buschmann,
Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology.
 Gabrielle  Benefield
Gabrielle Benefield,
Agile trainer
 Gareth  Rushgrove
Gareth Rushgrove,
Web geek, GOV.UK
 Gene  Kim
Gene Kim,
Founder and CTO of Tripwire
 Georges  Saab
Georges Saab,
VP of Software Development, Java Platform Group, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Graham  Tackley
Graham Tackley,
Director of Architecture, Guardian News and Media
 Hannes  Heikinheimo
Hannes Heikinheimo,
Analytics Lead, Rovio
 Hans  Wennborg
Hans Wennborg,
Developer at the Chromium browser project
 Hayato  Shimizu
Hayato Shimizu,
Lead Solutions Architect, DataStax
 Horace  Dediu
Horace Dediu,
Founder of Asymco
 James  Lewis
James Lewis,
Member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board.
 Janne Jul  Jensen
Janne Jul Jensen,
Interaction Designer and Usability Specialist
 Jeff  Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins,
Brain inspired computing
 Jeff  Sutherland
Jeff Sutherland,
Scrums grand old mann - Co Founder of Scrum
 Jens  Østergaard
Jens Østergaard,
Co founder of Scrum Training Institute
 Jesper  Richter-Reichhelm
Jesper Richter-Reichhelm,
Head of Engineering at Wooga
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Author of "Continuous Delivery", Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
 Joel  Jacobson
Joel Jacobson,
Technical Evangelist at Basho
 John  Hughes
John Hughes,
Long-time functional programming enthusiast, co-designer of Haskell and QuickCheck, testing tools entrepreneur
 Justin  Sheehy
Justin Sheehy,
CTO of Basho Technologies
 Jørn  Larsen
Jørn Larsen,
CEO of Trifork, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Karsten  Telling
Karsten Telling,
Software Architect @ Systematic and source of ideas
 Kevlin  Henney
Kevlin Henney,
Patterns, Programming, Practice and Process
 Kresten Krab  Thorup
Kresten Krab Thorup,
Hacker, CTO of Trifork, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Lars  Kroll Kristensen
Lars Kroll Kristensen,
Development Director at Unity Studios
 Lauri  Svan
Lauri Svan,
Lead software architect, SC5
 Line Christa Amanda Sørensen  Mads Troels  Hansen
Mads Troels Hansen,
Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer
 Marcus  Lagergren
Marcus Lagergren,
Co-author of Oracle JRockit
 Mark  Madsen
Mark Madsen,
 Martin  Brynskov
Martin Brynskov,
Associate professor and coordinator of AU Smart Cities, Aarhus University
 Martin  Westergaard Lassen  Mathias  Meyer
Mathias Meyer,
Infrastructure Mad Man
 Mike  Atherton
Mike Atherton,
Freelance UX consultant'
 Mike  West
Mike West,
Developer advocate on Google's Chrome team
 Mirko  Presser
Mirko Presser,
Research and Innovation for the Smart City Lab, Alexandra Institute
 Mogens Heller  Grabe
Mogens Heller Grabe,
NServiceBus core team member at Particular Software and Technology Evangelist at d60
 Morten  Jokumsen
Morten Jokumsen,
Software architect at
 Neal  Ford
Neal Ford,
Software Architect and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks
 Niall  Merrigan
Niall Merrigan,
Head of Custom Software Development, Capgemini
 Niklas  Lindgren
Niklas Lindgren,
Senior software developer, SC5
 Ola  Bini
Ola Bini,
Language Geek
 Orta  Therox
Orta Therox,
lead iOS developer at Artsy
 Patrick  Huesler
Patrick Huesler,
software engineer at Wooga
 Patrick  Linskey
Patrick Linskey,
Software Enthusiast and Collaborator at Cisco, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Peter  Chitum
Peter Chitum,
 Peter  Steinberger  Phil  Calcado
Phil Calcado,
 Rachel  Laycock
Rachel Laycock,
Lead Consultant @ ThoughtWorks
 Rajen  Kishna
Rajen Kishna,
Application development enthusiast at Microsoft
 Richard  Shaw
Richard Shaw,
Client Services Engineer at Basho
 Rickard  Bäckman  Robert  Nyman
Robert Nyman,
Technical Evangelist for Mozilla, Editor of Mozilla Hacks.
 Roy  Osherove
Roy Osherove,
Senior consultant at ITVerket AS
 Russell  Castagnaro
Russell Castagnaro,
Team lead at
 Russell  Miles
Russell Miles,
Co-Author of Head First Software Development
 Sam  Dutton
Sam Dutton,
Developer Advocate for Chrom
 Sam  Newman
Sam Newman,
Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks
 Sascha  Bates
Sascha Bates,
Automator of All Things
 Scott  Rich
Scott Rich,
Chief Technical Officer at IBM
 Sebastian  Egner
Sebastian Egner,
Head of application development at Entelios AG
 Shmuel  Gershon
Shmuel Gershon,
Technical leader at Intel Corporation
 Simon  Ritter
Simon Ritter,
 Steve  Vinoski
Steve Vinoski,
Senior Architect with Basho Technologies, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Syed M  Shaaf
Syed M Shaaf,
Red Hat
 Ted  Wennmark
Ted Wennmark,
Consultant in the MySQL group at Oracle
 Tiberiu  Covaci
Tiberiu Covaci,
IT Advisor, Mentor and Trainer
 Tim  Park
Tim Park,
Part of the Platform Strategy Team at Microsoft
 Trisha  Gee
Trisha Gee,
MongoDB Inc
 Troels  Richter
Troels Richter,
Agile Coach, Trifork Software Pilot and Micropreneur
 Ulf  Wiger
Ulf Wiger,
Co-founder and Developer Advocate, Feuerlabs Inc.