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Aarhus Facts

Aarhus is the most happy city in the world. Dan Buettner from National Geographic draw this conclusion after his lifelong studies to find the happiest people in the whole world. It is the second largest city in Denmark, and hums with student activity and cafe culture all year round. Aarhus was first settled by Vikings in the 7th century. They called it "Aros," an Old Norse word meaning "river mouth". Today Aarhus is placed right by the sea surrounded by forest. See map of Aarhus


In Aarhus you can experience art ranking among the best in the world at the art museum ARoS (placed right beside the Conference Building), where you can have "Your rainbow Panorama" view over the city, meet the people of the past at the prehistoric museum Moesgaard or at the open air museum - Den Gamle By (The Old Town), travel back in time to visit the Viking's "Aros" or visit the museum of Science and Medicine: Steno Museum.

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