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Presentation: "Democratising attention data at"

Track: Making Sense of Data / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset is one of the world’s most popular news websites, visited by over 80 million unique browsers every month. Yet in the past our journalists and editors found it difficult to get meaningful, timely data on what people were reading. Even the minority granted access to analytics tools struggled to get actionable information.

Over the last year, we’ve built “ophan”, an in-house real-time analytics system. By working closely with journalists and editors, we’ve focussed on what they can action to provide a better experience for our existing readers and enable more people discover our unique content. By allowing access to all Guardian employees, we’ve empowered many more people internally to contribute to expanding our engagement and reach.

And by being seriously resource constrained - two people, part time - we’ve robustly prioritised, rapidly evolved our cloud-based architecture and necessarily valued simple iterative delivery above all else.

This talk aims to convince you that by ruthlessly eliminating complexity in software, in architecture and in data presentation, even small teams can make a big difference to an organisation.

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Graham Tackley, Director of Architecture, Guardian News and Media

Graham Tackley

Biography: Graham Tackley

Graham Tackley is Director of Architecture at Guardian News and Media. He spent a few years leading the Web Platform Team engineering to scale to ever increasing demand. More recently, he's been working to enable the whole organisation to evolve reader engagement in new and innovative ways, and enabling the development team to deliver better solutions faster. He led the implementation of the Guardian's unique Open Platform Content API which provides access to all of the Guardian's current and historical web content.