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Presentation: "Everything - but the kitchen - syncs"

Track: Modern iOS / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Auditorium, AROS

This is the age of ubiquitous data. Your stuff is with you wherever you are, and accessible via whatever you happen to be holding in your hand. In some cases, such as with email, this is even mostly true. But for many apps, trustworthy syncing of data remains elusive. As every developer will happily tell you — it's a hard problem.

In this presentation, I'll take you on my own journey through the Land of Sync, with a strong focus on Core Data and syncing of relatively large quantities of media. We'll begin with iCloud, talk about where it all went wrong, look at the various modern approaches to syncing distributed database stores, and end — hopefully —arriving at a sane solution.

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Drew McCormack, Judge, jury, and executioner at The Mental Faculty B.V

Drew McCormack

Biography: Drew McCormack

After 15 years as a Theoretical Chemist, I developed an interest in Mac and iOS app development, and I'm now judge, jury, and executioner at The Mental Faculty B.V.  Most of my working hours are spent dodging accountants and lawyers, and developing our flagship product, Mental Case ( I've written articles for the Apple Developer Connection, and co-authored the book 'Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Programming'. Teaching app development courses at CMM in Amsterdam ( keeps my knowledge fresh, and I've had involvements with (board member/contributor) and the Core Plot project (founder/contributor). The past year of my life has been made a hell by iCloud.

Twitter: drewmccormack