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Presentation: "Introduction to TypeScript"

Track: Microsoft Devices and Services / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

In this talk, we’ll be take on the challenges managing the growth and maintenance of large JavaScript applications and how TypeScript helps you address them. TypeScript is an open-source language developed by Microsoft that compiles to JavaScript that focuses on enabling early error detection and high quality tooling. We’ll also talk about the recent advances in TypeScript, including generics, that together enable a richer development story.

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Tim Park, Part of the Platform Strategy Team at Microsoft

Tim Park

Biography: Tim Park

Tim is part of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy team where he helps set the direction of Microsoft platforms internally with a focus on the startup and open source communities. He has over 15 years of application development experience across client and server from work at Microsoft and two startups (WebTV Networks and Nest Labs).