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Presentation: "Life Between Systems: From Open Data to Great Cities"

Track: Open Data / eGov / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

"If you provide it, they'll build" has not really worked as a principle for establishing open data as a cornerstone of digital societies. There are so many concerns for providers, value-adders and users of open data that complicate what would otherwise seem like a simple way forward: Just open it up! With examples from different cities around the world, in very different contexts, Martin Brynskov outlines emerging trends on digital cities and urban interaction design, focusing on the role of open data. Concrete platforms and ways to organize the efforts are discussed using Smart Aarhus ( and the Open Data Aarhus platform ( as a case.

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Martin Brynskov, Associate professor and coordinator of AU Smart Cities, Aarhus University

Martin Brynskov

Biography: Martin Brynskov

Martin Brynskov, Ph.D., is associate professor in interaction technologies at Aarhus University in Denmark; research fellow at Participatory IT Centre (PIT) and Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI); general chair of the Media Architecture Biennale 2012 and 2014, co-founder of Smart Aarhus, director of the Digital Design Lab, and former director of the Civic Communication group at the Center for Digital Urban Living. Working with municipalities, journalists, artists and industrial partners, he investigates the consequences of digitization and explores new forms of mediation within a variety of domains with special focus on the role of social interaction, materials and interfaces. He also holds an MA in information studies and classical Greek.