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Presentation: "MySQL and NoSQL: Best of both worlds"

Track: NoSQL, MySQL, and Bigdata / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

MySQL offers solutions to implement NoSQL concepts like auto-sharding, key-value access or asynchronous operations. This adds all known solutions from the SQL world to the NoSQL space. The combined approach of SQL and NoSQL gives developers the choice to select whatever features from both worlds they need.
In this talk we take a deeper look at key-value access to MySQL and MySQL Cluster, auto-sharding and scalability of MySQL Cluster, mapping of schemaless key value access to a relational data model and the performance of NoSQL access to MySQL.

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Ted Wennmark, Consultant in the MySQL group at Oracle

Ted Wennmark

Biography: Ted Wennmark

Ted Wennmark is a Principal Sales Consultant in the MySQL group at Oracle. His main job is to help customer all over EMEA building secure, scalable and highly available solutions using MySQL. Ted is also part of the MySQL Cluster specialist team which helps customer build scalable and highly available solution using the MySQL Cluster database. Before joining Oracle, Ted worked as a software engineer/systems architect with focus on building scalable, high-performance systems. One of these projects involved building a custom storage engine for MySQL. Additionally, Ted has worked as a consultant for MySQL/Sun/Oracle, supporting customers in Nordic region since 2005.

Twitter: @wwwtedw