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Presentation: "The Erlang VM or How i stopped worrying and started loving parallel programming"

Track: The Right Language for the Job / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

Writing a 24/7 financial web services is quite hard. Writing scalable software is hard. Writing parallel programs is really hard.

With the right tool though, it gets easier. In this talk I will present the Erlang VM: Beam. Beam implements message passing, process isolation, dynamic code loading, garbage collection and preemptive scheduling. This make it easier to write scalable 24/7 services, and it makes parallel programming feasible. I will also talk about how we have used these features at Klarna to build a system that successfully has handled an exponential traffic growth for over eight years.

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Erik Stenman, Chief Erlang Wizard at Klarna

Erik Stenman

Biography: Erik Stenman

Erik (Happi) Stenman has been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when he started his first company. He received a Ph.D in Computer Science from his work on Erlang compilation, and as project manager for Martin Odersky’s Scala group he helped in the successful release of Scala 1.0. Erik is currently working as Chief Scientist (or Chief Erlang Wizard) at Klarna spreading the word about Erlang and scalable development both inside and outside Klarna.