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David Nolen, Cognitect Software Engineer

David Nolen

Biography: David Nolen

David Nolen is a software engineer for Cognitect. He enjoys making music, writing JavaScript, writing ClojureScript, and exploring new approaches to user interface programming.

Twitter: @swannodette

Presentation: Immutability: Putting The Dream Machine To Work

Track: Leading & Bleading Edge - Day 2 / Time: Tuesday 14:40 - 15:30 / Location: Kammersalen

We live in a time of vast computational resources - many of us carry around in our pockets what just thirty years ago would have been considered a supercomputer. But it's not just the hardware, these bite sized supercomputers run software using state of the art dynamic compilation techniques to deliver stellar performance without sacrificing flexibility.

While all of this may sound incredibly futuristic, many of us still program these Dream Machines with miserly techniques not far removed from the best practices of the 1960s.

We have cycles to spare, by investing some of them in immutable data structures our programs get new wonderful properties that enable us to design solutions at a much higher level of abstraction. Om is a new library I've created just to explore these possibities. While Om itself is written in ClojureScript, we'll focus primarily on the big ideas present in Om all of which are easily portable to JavaScript.