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Erik Doernenburg, Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks, Member of Program Advisory Board

Erik Doernenburg

Biography: Erik Doernenburg

Erik Dörnenburg is the Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks where he helps clients with the design and implementation of enterprise software. With experience in Java, .NET, and other environments Erik is continually exploring new technology. Frequent exposure to overly complex software has made him interested in simple architectures and software visualisation as means to help people better understand architecture.

Erik’s career in enterprise software began in the early nineties on the NeXTSTEP platform, and throughout his career he has been an advocate of agile values and Open Source software. He holds a degree in Informatics from the University of Dortmund and has studied Computer Science and Linguistics at University College Dublin.

Erik is member of GOTO Aarhus Program Advisory Board 

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Presentation: Our Responsibility to Defeat Mass Surveillance

Time: Tuesday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Store Sal

Our talk will begin with one of the core themes of the early development of agile software - that  those involved in software development should take a more collaborative role, not just building software but helping to determine how software can help its users. We believe that this engagement requires greater knowledge of a user’s goals and also responsibility for the user’s welfare and our impact on the world. While the internet has brought great benefits in communication, it’s also led to an unprecedented opportunity for mass surveillance, both by states and private corporations.

We’ll discuss how defeating such surveillance requires greater security in our communication, reversing recent centralization, and attention to user experience. For the last year Erik has been leading a team to apply these principles to email. We will explain why the argument of “I have nothing to hide” is flawed and why it is our our responsibility to take up this task.