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Peter Gregersen, Business Developer, Danske Bank

Peter Gregersen

Biography: Peter Gregersen

Peter has worked with mobile solutions in Danske Bank since 2007. He was responsible for interaction design and user experience in MobilePay - the mobile payment solution that now has turned into a groundbreaking success for the bank. Peter holds a degree in Information Studies and Business Economics and is currently working on the online version of MobilePay.

Presentation: MobilePay

Track: Everything Connected - Day 1 / Time: Monday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Rytmisk Sal

MobilePay is a mobile payment platform that is used by 1.7 million users. MobilePay was developed from idea to production in six months. Hear how it was possible to build a modern mobile payment infrastructure on top an existing mainframe architecture. Danske Bank has a large IT organization with multiple specialized software departments. Hear how Danske Bank and Trifork use Scrum and agile software development to develop MobilePay – how solutions are prototyped and later deployed as part of a business critical solution.

Developing business critical Mobile Apps is in many aspects different to developing web and backend services. Hear about the process and the skills needed to deliver mobile Apps on multiple platforms in a constant pace.
Notice that this talk is mostly about process and practices  - no magic code and no silver bullets are revealed.