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Presentation: "When the pressure is really on: A 'rough & ready' application of Lean & Kanban in the iPlayer division of the BBC"

Track: Agile / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Grand Ballroom

How a small IPTV team at BBC iPlayer used Lean principles and elements of Kanban for their rapid and successful response to a fast paced, very demanding live release schedule for the v2 device customisation programme.

Keywords: Agile, Lean, Kanban, BBC, Workflow Visualisation, Continuous Improvement, Process, Delivery, Team Transformation, Empowerment
Target Audience: This experience report would suit those interested in how others in large organisations have handled software delivery improvement in difficult situations - such as project managers, delivery managers, scrum masters, product managers, and tech leads who are involved in and/or responsible for workflow efficiency/effectiveness.

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Katherine Kirk, Project Manager, BBC

Katherine Kirk

Biography: Katherine Kirk

Katherine Kirk has been working as a ProjectManager at the BBC in the Future Media division, (specifically in BBC iPlayerand Publishing Services), whilst also dabbling as a Process ImprovementAnalyst. She is an active participant of a community of Lean and Agilepractitioners in the BBC who explore and challenge the status quo throughexperimenting and collaborating. She is particularly interested in edge-casesand the cultural interaction between hierarchical management and Agile teams.She supports this interest by studying an MSc in Software Engineering atUniversity of Oxford, specializing in Process Improvement, Managing Quality andRisk, and Software Systems Securit.