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Jeroen Reijn, Hippo's Lead Architect

Jeroen Reijn

Biography: Jeroen Reijn

Jeroen is Lead Architect at Hippo's professional services department in the Netherlands. He has a strong focus on scalability and high performance multi-channel content delivery. Jeroen is an active community member and committer at several open source projects hosted at the Apache Software Foundation.

Twitter: @jreijn

Presentation: Building a relevance platform with CouchBase and Elasticsearch

Track: Cool Companies / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Administratiezaal

The time that Web Content Management products were just for managing "static" content was a long time ago. Right now the WCM market is all about delivering relevant content. Information about each individual visitor needs to be stored and processed real-time to be able to deliver the most relevant content to each individual visitor. This brings new and interesting challenges, which can be solved with today's emerging technologies.

During this presentation I will go into detail about how we're building a high performance relevance platform at Hippo with Couchbase and Elasticsearch. The talk will also cover why we chose CouchBase for storage and how Elasticsearch can be used for search and analytics. I will share how we integrate and leverage both products full-circle from within our Hippo CMS product.