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Jordan McCullough, Member of the GitHub Training Team

Jordan McCullough

Biography: Jordan McCullough

Jordan McCullough, a JavaScript and front-end developer by trade, has a passion for open source software and community-driven development. He enjoys applying his technical know-how and software development experience to crafting meaningful learning experiences with Git and GitHub Training.

Twitter: @thejordanmcc

Presentation: Getting The Most Done With The Least Friction

Track: Case Studies / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Administratiezaal

At GitHub, team members have access to many advanced tools, with each serving a particular purpose for project development. Given the complexity of so many components, we set out to simplify the process and tooling so any team member can jump in, forego any initial requirement of understanding the full framework, and immediately contribute their specific skills.

Come see how GitHub maximizes productivity, empowers team member contributions, and applies these concepts to user-level experiences with the benefits of frictionless project starts using Boxen and GitHub Pages with Jekyll.