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Sergi Mansilla, Firefox OS

Sergi Mansilla

Biography: Sergi Mansilla

I work at Comoyo on Firefox OS core, I also evangelize and organize events around it. Before that I worked at Cloud9 IDE making an online IDE entirely in Node.js and JavaScript, and before that I lead the team that implemented the webkit framework that run the UIs in modern TomTom devices.

I prefer functional languages, but I try to treat languages as tools, some are better at the task at hand that others. My tools of trade are vim, JavaScript and OCaml. I live in Amsterdam but I am from Barcelona. In Amsterdam I am the organizer of the monthly AmsterdamJS meetup.

Twitter: @sergimansilla

Presentation: HTML5 is the Future of Mobile

Track: HTML5 rocks JavaScript / Time: Tuesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Effectenbeurszaal

It is clear that HTML5 is revolutionising the web, but there have been some doubts about whether the mobile web is ready to take over native. In this talk I will explain why the mobile web is the only way to go, how Firefox OS is leading that revolution, and why this will empower both users and developers in ways they can’t start to imagine yet.