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Ard Schrijvers, Lead Developer Hippo Delivery Tier at Hippo

Ard Schrijvers

Biography: Ard Schrijvers

Ard Schrijvers (1977) has been working at Hippo since 2001 and is Lead Developer of Hippo's delivery tier, HST. He has a master in computer physics. His passion lies in performance, scalibility, caching and searching and is always balancing new requirements against performance - when he's not challenging his colleagues at the soccer table with a beer. He is a committer for Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Cocoon. In 2007 he started with the development of the HST for CMS7, a vertically and horizontally scaling open source Java web framework, serving thousands of concurrent visitors their personalized pages every second.

Presentation: Scalability Patterns & Solutions for Dynamic high-load Java Websites

Track: Solutions Track Friday / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Keurzaal

If you have an environment which require one of these

  • many concurrent visitors
  • instantly reflect frequently changing content
  • runtime adding sites and/or changing URL's of existing sites
  • runtime changing the appearance of sites
  • search including authorization
  • faceted navigation requiring authorized counts
  • personalization of pages
  • storing of visitor data

then you most likely will or have encountered similar challenges we solved for our delivery tier.

I'll explain the models, patterns, libraries and storage choices we made to be able to serve over 15,000 personalized pages per second while meeting all the requirements above.