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Frank Fischer, Chief Evangelist and Head of Platform and Technology at Deutsche Telekom AG, Developer Garden

Frank Fischer

Biography: Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer is head of platform and technology at B2B2X within Deutsche Telekom's Digital Business Unit. His team is responsible for the architecture, development, operations, and support of the offerings provided by Developer Garden as well as the developer evangelism activities. In the past decade, he was working within the field of developer evangelism and mobile operating systems. He presented as a speaker on various national and international events on topics like mobile ecosystems, cloud computing, consumerisation of IT, and software development. He holds a Diplom degree in physics and a MS IT. For him, IT is a tool and need to serve the higher purpose: Manage to put a smile on the face of the user. In his spare time, he is a father of three, a perfect geek and a lousy cook, and works on his dissertation.

Presentation: Mobility-as-a-Service ? secure cloud-based cross-platform app development

Track: Solutions Track / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Estrelsaal C8

Mobile applications are becoming more and more important - also for businesses. As a mobile developer you will have to adapt to different platforms and you have to ensure security when it comes to data storage and data transport between device and backend. Last but not least you need a system to handle the transactions between your app and backend systems. This increasing complexity and need for cross-platform availability results in higher cost in all phases of the application life cycle. Large enterprises leverage Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) to reduce cost and complexity of mobile app development significantly. Frank Fischer, Chief Evangelist and Head of Platform and Technology at Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden, shows how everybody can leverage the cloud to efficiently develop and run mobile cross-platform applications and the necessary backend without large investments.