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Henning Jacobs, Technical Lead Platform/Software at Zalando GmbH

Henning Jacobs

Biography: Henning Jacobs

Henning joined Zalando in the beginning of 2010 and accompanied the transformation of Zalando’s technology stack from PHP/MySQL to Java/PostgreSQL. Having used only MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server before, he began to love the treats PostgreSQL has to offer. As the Technical Lead of the platform/Software team he is responsible for all platform (crossmodule) software topics such as common libraries, internal tools, shared components, guidelines, deployment and continuous delivery.

Presentation: Why Zalando trusts in PostgreSQL

Track: Solutions Track / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Estrelsaal C8

A developer’s view on using the most advanced open-source database

NoSQL is on the rise but sadly when people compare the usual NoSQL candidates (Redis, MongoDB, Riak, Cassandra, HBase, ..) to relational databases they often only mention MySQL. Let us explain the power of the world’s most advanced opensource database PostgreSQL. Stored procedures, advanced type & constraint system, replication and sharding are only few points on our tour. In this session we want to show you various examples of why we at Zalando trust PostgreSQL to reliably handle all our data. We make use of it in various scenarios, from less complex CRUD applications on a single node, to highly critical and more complex scenarios. This involves customer and order data with strong constraints for high performance and availability, sharded across multiple nodes. We believe that PostgreSQL is massively underrated and that you should have very good reasons to ignore its great features.

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