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Presentation: "Security Architecture for the SmartHome"

Track: Smart Things for a Connected World / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Hall 5

Security needs to be build into the architecture of SmartHome Platforms

As stated in different white papers from community leaders the current SmartHome world is desperately in need of a security architecture that by design forbids certain scenarios for corruption and mistreating of data and actions in the SmartHome. It is necessary to analyse the problems in this field and identify the most critical threats.

- Control the house without permission
- Mining of the data to profile peoples lives
enable thieves to find there victims
- Protect the privacy of individuals (kids, parents, partners) from every instance even government
- Environmental responsibility
- Hackers remotely controlling a whole energy grid by accessing the households which enables terrorism

The mitigation of these threats is mission crucial for all SmartHome providers. This talk gives an overview of the security requirements of a SmartHome platform and therefore is a guide to all SmartHome providers. It includes a number of architectural advises and technologies to mitigate most of the threats by design of the platform.

The SmartHome is more then simple home automation. It puts the family as the most important social network into the center of life. It includes lifecare and media consumption and a lot more. To provide a consistent SmartHome we believe that the providers have to build a mixture of hardware and software solutions and each solution brings its own risks. Attendees will find out how powerful the Internet of Things will be and at the same time see what new threats it introduces into every days life. Software and embedded software providers will get an idea on where to look at and will gain a lot from the stories/experience that the speakers share with the audience.

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Jacob Fahrenkrug, CTO at yetu AG

Jacob Fahrenkrug

Biography: Jacob Fahrenkrug

Jacob Fahrenkrug is yetu´s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jacob started his professional career at Hypoport Group, where he took technical responsibility for the mortgage market place in the Netherlands. Following that Jacob became Chief Software Engineer in charge of development and technologies for a business unit of Deutsche Post DHL. In 2014 he joined yetu as Lead Architect driving yetu´s open Smart Home Platform technologies. In May 2014 Jacob was appointed as yetu´s Chief Technology Officer. Jacob is a keen technologist and regular speaker at conferences on technologies, software architecture and agile software development.

Twitter: @jacobfahrenkrug