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Presentation: "Destructuring the Enterprise"

Track: Functional Programming in the Enterprise / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Hall 6

Is a hard deadline in a traditional enterprise environment the right opportunity for a first foray into functional programming? This talk is based on a true story at the Student Loans Company, a non-profit making UK Government-owned organisation set up in 1989 to provide loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK.
With a new capability to build, and less time to build it than they'd like, Chris and Gary face tough decisions. Gary, a consultant, suggests that it’s time to try out Clojure. Chris, an architect, is more cautious. Is now a good time? When is it ever a good time to try something new? And isn't being left behind risky too?
Providing a reconstruction of real discussions had throughout product delivery, this is a warts and all account of Clojure in the enterprise environment. Join Chris and Gary as they reflect upon Clojure's specific characteristics, but also upon trying out something new in an environment where failure is expensive.

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Chris Ford, ThoughtWorks

Chris Ford

Biography: Chris Ford

Chris Ford has been fascinated by programming (and in particular functional programming languages) since he first stumbled across Haskell during a misguided attempt to study electrical engineering. He is intrigued by the use of code for creativity, music and self-expression. When he works, he works for ThoughtWorks.

Twitter: @ctford

Gary Crawford, AKQA

Gary Crawford

Biography: Gary Crawford

Gary has been working with Clojure for several years. He was originally captured by its clean, concise, expressive ways. He later developed a deeper appreciation for its use in an enterprise environment while working as a consultant at ThoughtWorks.

Now a Technical Director with AKQA, Gary lives in Sweden where, he claims, the weather is much the same as his native Scotland. He doesn't get to play with Clojure from Monday to Friday at the moment, but he does still manage to sneak it into extra-curricular projects at any opportunity.

Twitter: @APassionForCode