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Presentation: "Microservices UX: The Technical Journey to Microservices"

Track: Microservices & Modern Architecture / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Hall 1

Circuit Breakers, Stranglers, Metrics, Stressors, Simian Armies, small (but not too small) services, integration styles, composite UIs, API design, API documentation, API evolution, Reactive Streams, Events, Event Sourcing, Logging, Automated deployment, blue/green switchover, flexible infrastructure, bulkheads, PaaS, Cloud, DevOps Culture, Antifragility … the list really does go on!
Whoever said adopting microservices was easy never saw the sheer list of things to be considered! But the benefits are worth it…
Microservices offer an architectural style that is flexible enough to become the de-facto approach for future enterprise software systems, but the individual journeys, and pitfalls vary dramatically from context to context. 
Russ will share several real-world technical journeys, the tradeoffs that have been made, the tools that had to be invented and, finally, how to adopt your own effective “Microservices UX”, the best and most effective user experience for those having to plan, architect, develop, deploy and maintain microservices within their own systems.

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Russell Miles, Co-Author of Head First Software Development

Russell Miles

Biography: Russell Miles

Russ Miles, when he’s not trying to achieve the wealth and, more importantly, the stable of motorbikes and cars of Tony Stark, is CTO and a founder of Simplicity Itself. His job is to help Simplicity’s enterprise clients adopt and get the benefits of micro services and data science, period. He travels the world on this mission and, frankly, loves his job for it.

Twitter: @russmiles