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Presentation: "Web APIs that Developers Love"

Track: Web APIs / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Hall 5

Modern Web API design is highly influenced by REST, an architectural style that allows for a lot of flexibility and, therefore, leaves many questions unanswered for competing best practices. In this talk, we'll walk through various topics following a user-centric design perspective and cover, inter alia:

- URI design
- Documentation
- Error handling
- Versioning
- Partial responses

A basic understanding of REST and its constraints is suggested to fully enjoy this talk.

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Kai Spichale, Software Architect at Adesso

Kai Spichale

Biography: Kai Spichale

Kai Spichale is a software architect at adesso, a leading IT service provider in Germany, where he is responsible for designing and developing software applications. Kai is passionate about API design, NoSQL, and scalable architectures. He has written numerous articles about these topics.

Twitter: @kspichale