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Albert P Tobey, Open Source Mechanic

Albert P Tobey

Biography: Albert P Tobey

Al is a father, technologist, musician, and open source advocate working for Datastax. While attending university as a music major, Al got into MUDs, C, and Linux, eventually ending up with a career as a sysadmin. Over the last 15 years, Al has worked on everything from kernel drivers to CSS, mostly from inside operations.

Presentation: Beyond Read-Modify-Write

Time: Wednesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Superior

As we move into the world of Big Data and the Internet of Things, the systems architectures and data models we’ve relied on for decades are becoming a hindrance. At the core of the problem is the read-modify-write cycle. In this session, Al will talk about how to build systems that don’t rely on RMW, with a focus on Cassandra. Finally, for those times when RMW is unavoidable, he will cover how and when to use Cassandra’s lightweight transactions and collections.