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Alberto Silveira, Lead, Tools at Amplify Access

Alberto Silveira

Biography: Alberto Silveira

Alberto Silveira is the mobile tech lead of the Android platform team at Amplify Access.  In addition to leading the current development of mobile solutions, Alberto is also responsible for their platform's distributed messaging architecture.  Prior to Amplify, Alberto was the Lead Developer at Kaplan Test Prep where he developed educational mobile applications.  Alberto also worked as Tech Lead for IBM and HP where he architected and developed entrerprise applications.  After obtaining his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Univali University in Brazil, Alberto went on to complete his master's degree in business administration at Kaplan University in 2012.

Presentation: Creating Collaborative Distributed Systems for Education

Time: Tuesday 16:20 - 17:10 / Location: Superior

Most of us can't survive five minutes without interacting with some kind of technology, but most schools in the US have been actively working to keep technology out of the classroom to keep students "focused" on learning. At Amplify Access, we believe technology is an essential element in education and has the potential to help engage kids, empower teachers, and create meaningful connections with learning.   In building an android based education platform, we’ve solved a number of interesting challenges specific to tablet deployments in K-12 environments: school network availability and latency, security of student information, teacher and student engagement, and of course, kids being kids. We’ll discuss our solutions and how they could apply to you through an interactive presentation using Amplify Tablets.