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Jessica Kerr, Scala Developer

Jessica Kerr

Biography: Jessica Kerr

For more than a dozen years, Jessica Kerr toiled at enterprise software in Java and C. Two years ago, the promise and intrigue of functional programming led her to toil at Scala. When she isn’t speaking about at development conferences in North America and Europe, she works in biotechnology at Monsanto. In between, she edits Scala books for Artima, teaches workshops about git, and keeps alive two young daughters. Find her thoughts @jessitron or 

Presentation: Functional Principles for OO Developers

Time: Wednesday 16:30 - 17:20 / Location: Gold Coast

How is an expert OO developer to improve on their craft? By learning from other paradigms! These six principles of the functional style also apply to OO. Some are part of good practice already; some express patterns both old and new; all give us different ways of thinking about problems. For developers without expertise in functional programming, examples in Java and C# provide new techniques for writing clear, quality code.