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Kurt Schrader, CTO @ intentmedia

Kurt Schrader

Biography: Kurt Schrader

Kurt is the CTO at intentmedia. Before intentmedia, Kurt was a team lead at Thoughtworks and helped build engineering teams at several start-ups, including Collaborative Drug Discovery, Triggit, and Ten Ton Labs, where he was a co-founder. He has more than 15 years of experience building scalable distributed systems and high-performance engineering teams. Kurt holds a BSE from the University of Michigan.


Twitter: @kurt

Presentation: Moving Faster: Why we chose Cascalog for Data Processing and Machine Learning

Time: Tuesday 16:20 - 17:10 / Location: Parkside

At Intent Media we’ve tried many different machine learning technologies over the years, from straight Java map-reduce code, to Pig and Hive, to a large Vertica cluster. Over the last couple of years we’ve converged on Cascalog as our tool of choice for doing most of our data processing. In this talk we’ll walk through the history of our choices, discuss why we ultimately chose Cascalog, and then dive into some examples of Cascalog and how we're using it.