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Tim Park, Part of the Platform Strategy Team at Microsoft

Tim Park

Biography: Tim Park

Tim is part of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy team where he helps set the direction of Microsoft platforms internally with a focus on the startup and open source communities. He has over 15 years of application development experience across client and server from work at Microsoft and two startups (WebTV Networks and Nest Labs).

Presentation: Developing in node.js with Visual Studio and Windows Azure

Time: Wednesday 16:30 - 17:20 / Location: Parkside

Node.js is one of the most rapidly growing developer ecosystems, given its applicability to building APIs and efficiency of streaming data, two of the most common modern workloads. In this very hands-on session, Tim will walk you through Microsoft's support for node.js across a range of its platforms. You'll walk out of the session being able to continuously deploy a node.js application to Azure Web Sites using nothing more than git and the command line, debug a node.js application using Visual Studio, provision and connect to a MongoDB instance, and scale your website to automatically meet demand.