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Trisha Gee, MongoDB Inc

Trisha Gee

Biography: Trisha Gee

Trisha is a developer at MongoDB. She has expertise in Java high performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and has a wide breadth of industry experience from the 12 years she's been a professional developer. Trisha is a leader in the London Java Community, and involved in the Graduate Development Community, she believes we shouldn't all have to make the same mistakes again and again."

Twitter: @trisha_gee

Presentation: HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java, MongoDB all together - what could possibly go wrong?

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 14:50 / Location: Gold Coast

It seems to have been a common theme amongst startups to create the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a language that facilitates rapid prototyping (for example Ruby), and then migrate to the JVM when the application has proved itself and requires more in terms of stability and performance.

I'm going to demonstrate that it's possible to use a static, boiler-plate-heavy language like Java to create a web application in under and hour, in front of your very eyes. The JVM is a true polyglot platform, and I'm going to show how you can use it to utilise the correct tools for each job, including: angular.js; bootstrap; HTML 5; micro-services; Java-the-language; MongoDB; and Groovy - a fully buzz-word-compliant application. While I won't go into each technology in depth. by seeing how the application is put together you'll get an understanding of the role of each technology and how they work together.

Yes, live coding, with all attendant danger.